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Muzee din Jimbolia

You may not have heard before, but Jimbolia is the town of the six museums. It's true that they're not all museums, but the memorial houses are also spaces that preserve identity. They may not be large, but if you want to grasp them all, you'll need a day to be prepared to soak up some tasty information.

Museums can only be visited by appointment!

muzeul presei jimbolia

The "Sever Bocu" Press Museum 

The Sever Bocu Press Museum is a dangerous place. Crimes, extreme phenomena, wars, fights, hatred, political lies, propaganda. But fear not! We take care of you! The things mentioned above are locked deep in the newspaper files of the museum's collection, and you, the present-day person, can look at them with detachment. But the museum is not only dangerous in this respect. It has a playful cleverness and likes to steal the time of those who cross its threshold. Here you can see tens of thousands of newspapers and magazines from the first half of the 1800s to the present day. Join us and live dangerously!

Help! We're trapped in Stefan Jäger's paintings! Please come to the bird yard and have mercy on us, give us a hand of grains! But also enter the pastels where we old-time Swabians stay, and give us a hand! Nothing Stefan Jäger paints is unreal. Watercolours, pastels, sketches - it all comes together in captivating harmony! With all the serenity contained in the canvases, the viewer can't help but sink, at least ankle-deep, into the nostalgia of times gone by. The old objects accompanying the paintings of the Swabian painter are witnesses to the passing of time. The story of each one makes an arc across time!

muzeul stefan jager jimbolia
muzeul cailor ferate jimbolia

The Railway Museum

The Orient Express from Jimbolia is waiting for you on line 1. Embark on a journey where you will follow the historical events and personalities who travelled on the railway that once linked Timișoara to Vienna. Be prepared with lots of curiosity and train your eyes to resist the details of the deportations. Don't worry about any derailments... We have a steam crane that can get the job done!

The Stefan Jäger Museum

How can you operate voluntarily for over 145 years? The answer to this question is to be found by visiting the Saint Florian Firefighters Museum. The fire of curiosity will be quenched by the objects you will see, the stories you will hear and the contemporary equipment. Noble families, choirs and brass bands, leaders whose eyes would put out any fire - all this and more will welcome you in the volunteer firemen's shed.

muzeul pompierilor jimbolia

Muzeul Pompierilor „Sfântul Florian”

casa memoriala dr karl diel jimbolia

"Dr. Karl Diel" Memorial House

If you like to operate with thrills, the "Dr. Karl Diel" Memorial House can nurture that. The medical instruments you'll see here will give you a glimpse of medicine in early 20th century Banat, but there's more to this place than that. It is a snapshot of a family's life, a dose of the atmosphere of yesteryear, a testament to multiculturalism and interethnicity. Take a stroll through the chosen outfits, understand how society was shaped in the past and, of course, discover the personality of this illustrious doctor of Jimbola.

If you want to have a chat with the past, the "Petre Stoica" Memorial House is the place to go. Here you will get lost among books whose pages are still imprinted with the poet's fingerprints. You will discover a world of books, of various collections, of events that have not been altered by time. Here you will be able to follow the map drawn by the igrasy of the walls that the writer sketched during his stay in Jimbolia. The "Petre Stoica" Memorial House is the place where the footprints of the writer are still visible.

casa memoriala petre stoica jimbolia

"Petre Stoica" Memorial House

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