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You can visit the lake area, but also the Swabian barn in Comloșu Mic and the Lenau Museum in Lenauheim. We even suggest trips across the border to the impressive Terra Museum in Kikinda or to the Hungarian cities of Szeged and Mórahalom.

If you want to spend your time a little more leisurely, then we recommend some guided tours. These are true journeys back in time.

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The Lakes

The lake area is very inviting, in fact, it is a park of almost 100 hectares, a land of water and vegetation, an oasis for many animals and plants. How about a two to three hour walk through lush nature? At every turn the greenery embraces you with stories, chirping birds provide ambient music, and animals spice things up with cuteness. And just when you think there's nothing left to see, the setting sun stops you for a few moments to remind you of the sky's mastery of brightly painted colours.

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At the Swabian barn

What does the Swabian heritage actually look like? Perhaps for some it has no visual counterpart. But for others it means respect and gratitude. That's why we invite you to see a place that has cherished the past. You'll discover, in a beautiful courtyard how an old barn has been given another use. The Book Barn is a space that no longer shelters grain, but books, children, stories of the past, ideas and fondness for beauty! 

Next to this visit, in another town with a German past, Lenauheim, you can see an imposing, one-storey, old Swabian house, a rarity for the mid-19th century.

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We cross borders

How does exploring Szeged, whose architecture, culture and food are so special, sound to you? It's a must to taste some fish soup, stroll through the city centre and get lost in the streets full of history. Or, if you're not a keen walker, we suggest a day at the Mórahalom swimming pool: pools of all kinds, saunas, slides, all in a setting that screams relaxation!

We can go to Kikinda to introduce you to a former brick and tile factory, which has changed its purpose into an artistic one. So at the Terra Museum you will be able to see numerous works of art made of clay, you will be able to look at the remains of the factory in a walk that will surprise you with monumental sculptures and various ceramic elements.

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